Content Management System

Professionally designed Content Management System (CMS)

CMS web development is catching the attention of the business people these days. Data sharing and its accessibility for a group of people, which are considered to be very important these days, are the most significant characteristics of Content Management System.

The essentially of Content Management System can be observed in the context of web design. If a website is designed by using the CMS, our clients will be able to upload pictures and contents themselves without availing any expensive maintenance services. It actually empowers them not only to upload pictures, videos, contents and ads but also make their desired modifications and deletions in them. Our designed Content Management System is user friendly where the freedom of choice for templates for the presentation of a website is bestowed upon our valued clients.

Content Management System 

The goal of a Content Management System (CMS) is to control a site’s content text, pictures, links, ads, videos, and more in one single application. The software runs on the server, is tied to a database, and is written with a server-side language like PHP or ASP.NET. Once a user logs in, they can easily add, update, and delete content, as well as control the templates that drive the presentation of the site. There are literally hundreds of CMS many of them free and open source so it is impossible to detail them all.

> Included features with every package
> No Ready made Templates, we design as per your need
> Home Page, Contact Us page with online contact form.
> Layout design as per specifications
> Add / Edit Page
> Search Engine Friendly web design
> Submission of your domain name for indexing on all major search engines

A Content Management System is frequently a web application used for managing websites and web content, though in many cases, content management systems CMS Website Designing require special client software for editing and constructing articles. The market for content management system remains fragmented, with many open source and proprietary solutions available.

Key Feature of CMS- Content Management

> Standards template (CSS Driven) W3C Compliant
> Browser based content creation and modification.
> Web based WYSIWYG Editor which allows webmasters to edit pages, with features of standard word processors.
>Webmasters can create unlimited Sections, categories and sub-categories (nestedcategories) to organize content.
> Multiple languages support
> User and Group Management to give them various levels of privileges for website administration for reading / creating / editing / publishing content.
> Manage the media items like images in folders
> Scheduler to execute time-bound activities without human intervention.
> Additional Component like news, polls, link directory for enhanced functionality
> Extensive reports to measure content popularity.
> Content Caching to optimize server resources
> Search Engine Friendly URL’s for better SEO Search engine optimization and ranking on search engines
> Extensive “Meta Data” support to facilitate complex content classifications and associations.
> Cross website syndication through the use of RSS technology to PULL and PUSH content with partner websites and applications.
> Advance google component of Search engine which searches across multiple document formats – HTML, Plain Text, XML, PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, RTF, etc.