Flash Web Design

What Is Flash?

Flash technology springs from 1995, when its development – “FutureSplash Animator” Jonathan Gay linked with his team the world-known Macromedia company. Soon the first version of the product – “Macromedia Flash 1.0” came into the world. Flash technology is supported on vector graphics or vectorial morphing.
The Flash combined 4 major multimedia elements:
animation (motion),graphics, sound and interactivity in one format – Shockwave Flash (SWF).
The Flash technology has its own programing language – ActionScript, which allows to make diverse multimedia production – Flash Websites, Flash Presentations, Flash Banners etc

Full Flash Website

Full Flash – the notion itself gives the message that Website is being completely created in Flash. In this cased the sites is full animated, its pages are scrolled smoothly according to the thoughtful scenario, which emphasizes general style of the Website. Full- Flash Website is a whole, pages are of formal significance.

Full Flash site is a brilliant solution for the following Web-sites:

>  Promo-sites
>  Catalogue Websites (presentation of photos and graphic pictures)
>  Personal Websites.
>  Entertainment Websites (online casinos, online games etc.).

Most of Full Flash site are being insonificated. Sound Effect perfectly suit the Flash animation. Few of Full Flash Web-site have various Music Tracks. Using Soundtrack Player, implemented with the Full Flash sites, user can mark sound volumes, switching a soundtrack off or select the track he likes.

Flash animation has one unique benefit which allocates it among other Web Technologies. It’s a spectacle. An creative, impressive web site designing becomes key-point for known people (stars, actors, politicians), which is even such many important than promotion of their web-sites in the Internet. Flash technology is the best way to express an emotional tune of the site. Well-designed Flash animation supported on original design can create a web-site impressive and well-remembered.

Full flash sites have more admirers, but many opponents among common users as well as among skillful Web – developers. It’s not worth claiming that Flash is not intended for Websites Developing, that it can’t be recognized by search engines, that Flash makes users wait until the site is uploaded, that it distracts visitors from the main information on the site. One should believe what the Flash is for and in what cases the use of Flash is an obvious advantage. The last Macromedia Flash versions, vivid worldwide developing of IT technologies and (most importantly) – spectacle and excellence of the Flash sites – brings all these drawbacks to nothing

It’s a spectacle. An creative, impressive