Tableless Web Design

Tableless Website Designing substantially improves Web availability in this respect. Screen readers and braille devices have few problems with tableless design because they analyze a logical structure. New HTML content can be additional in such a way that consistent layout rules are directly applied to it by the existing CSS without any more effort. There is still (as of 2009) some distance to go; few web developers have yet to remove the tables from their page layouts, HTML was originally designed as a semantic markup language intended for sharing technological documents and research papers online.

It was around this time that many became critical of messy coding practices and the design of tableless designing began to grow. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were developed to improve the separation between designing and content, and move back towards a semantic organization of content on the Web. Moreover, when a table based layout is linearized, for example when being parsed by a screen reader or a search engine, the resulting order of the content can be somewhat jumbled and confusing. In the late 1990s the first resonably powerful WYSIWYG editors arrived on the market which meant Web designers no long required a good (or any) understanding of HTML to develop web pages.

Tableless Website Designing (or tableless web layout) is a method of web design and developing without using HTML tables for page layout control purposes. CSS also specifies a table model which allows the semantics of tabular representation to be apply: the display: table element.

In this way, the choice and definition for tables is transferred from HTML to CSS. These advantages include improved accessibility of the information to a wider variety of users, using a wide of user agents.

Tableless Div Based Pages

Tableless coding is a webpage layout controlling method that is operate without the HTML tables! In the era of Web 2.0, where search engines promote W3C compatible websites and users prefer fasting loading websites; the significance of tableless div based web pages feature grown radically. And that is why, now websites having great designs and traditional coding fail to grab the attending of search engines and users.

Why You Need DIV Based CSS Layout 

Tableless coding, state the new brainchild of W3C makes the web reachable everyplace and better! Also, it restricts the HTML language only for semantic uses not presentational uses.

Complicated, agitated and unnecessary code is replaced by directed, simple-to-use XHTML and CSS languages! Tableless Div based layouts are:

> Faster Loading
Use of CSS coding instead of HTML makes the webpage pretty faster to load and easy to surf.

> Easily Accessible
CSS layout pages are easily accessible in all kinds of Internet browsers and devices.

> Search Engine Friendlier
The div based and CSS marked up pages have better chances for optimization.

> Technically Simple and Stronger
The new techniques make your website updation/construction easier and less time consuming!

>  Easy To Manage
CSS makes coding manageable and can be swiftly molded according to the designer or  customers wish.

>  Content Separation
Unlike HTML tables, the content in div based layouts is completely separated.

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